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Website Development

Design – Create – Grow
Turn your business idea into a reality, Let us digitize your business and benefit from a tailored website.

Web UI & UX Design

Does your website need a makeover?
We have got you covered, with our tailored-to-industry designers, let us reassure you a successful design.


Increase your presence, grow your business. Let us handle your advertising and watch your traffic grow regularly.
Plan it, Promote it, Achieve it.

Logo & branding Design

A successful brand is when the name is used as a verb. “Google it”, “Revolut me”
Create an image like no other which resonates through the industry.

Mobile App Development

Access the majority of the internet
with a mobile application. (Almost)
Anything you want, published to
Google Play and App store.

Business Development

Connect to our network of Brands, Companies, and Influencers on a Business-to-Business or Business-to-Client level.



Some of our clients

We help businesses go digital to increase their productivity, efficiency, sales and competitiveness whilst reducing costs in today’s highly digitalised world.



At Lanemo, we take every precaution to make sure our clients are fulfilled to the highest extent.

We are only satisfied when you are. Our work involves a thorough creativity process in every stage, we will proceed only if we are sure that every step leaves our clients with confidence.

We’re a constantly growing team.

With most of our team working remotely, we are reassured that our team has the most
comfortable work policies possible, making sure all of their individual energy is
managed and assigned to the necessary tasks by priority and necessity.

Why Us?

Customer Oriented

We adopt the Agile development methodology and make constant use of collaborative tools to involve our clients at each stage of the project. This gives us invaluable feedback to make sure we build solutions according to the client’s requirements, spot on and in the shortest time frame possible.

Industry Experience

Our team is dynamic, meaning we will assign the right management solely depending on our clients specific needs, reassuring the utmost knowledge on the service needed with the most industry experience possible. We want you to do more then just enter a market, we strive for you to dominate that market!

Reassurance Policy

We delve deeply into understanding your needs, your aims and requirements. This gives us the ability to tailor make our solutions and give them a personal touch to fit your needs. We’re not just your supplier, we become part of your business, reassured.